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For our business and government customers, we provide personalized attention to your employment and training challenges. Whether your needs are global or local, our solutions are tailored to respond specifically to you.

For individuals, we strive to place you only in jobs that you have the ability and interest to do.

Our staff has had decades of experience in designing and implementing employment and training programs. Our efforts have resulted in the placement of tens of thousands of people with employers over the years.

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Ticket to Work

ARG provides Ticket To Work participants a comprehensive customized placement service. Our approach is to develop an individual strategy that will provide meaningful employment and a career path for the future.

Our services do not stop once the ticket holder has a job. We follow up and continue to work with our customers to assist them to keep the job they have and take advantage of promotion opportunities in the future. We work with ticket holders for up to a full five years after the initial placement.

Services We Provide

  • Assessment and Career Counseling

  • Resume Writing

  • Job Seeking and Keeping Skills

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • Job Development and Placement Services

  • Post Placement Follow-up

Our Responsibilities To Our Ticket Holders

ARG will not request or receive any compensation for the costs of services and supports from the beneficiary. The beneficiary may retrieve their ticket at any time if the beneficiary is dissatisfied with the services being provided by the ARG. In the event of a dispute, the beneficiary has the right to file a complaint.

Placement Services

Your employees are the primary resource which makes your business successful in an increasingly competitive and complex world.

Our services can make a difference to your business. People with developmental, mental, or physical disabilities are matched to jobs where their specific skills and abilities make them valuable assets to you, the employer.

Unlike other staffing companies, we are committed to providing follow-up services for up to five years to assure that the people we place succeed. We also provide ongoing assistance to you, the employer, with supervision, performance evaluation, and additional training or other support when you determine it is needed.

We will make sure that you can take full advantage of the Work Opportunities Tax Credit. You may be eligible for up to a $2,400 federal tax credit for every employee you hire from us.

Employees with disabilities are dependable, competent and dedicated. Through our services their disabilities are no obstacle to their effectiveness as productive employees. They are an untapped resource with great potential and are making an impact in hundreds of businesses across the country.

ARG works with various state Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Social Security Administration to empower and assist individuals with disabilities to individually pursue, obtain and maintain gainful employment leading to independence, self-sufficiency and full inclusion into society.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit allows you, the employer, to deduct as a credit from your income tax up to 40% of the first $6,000 in wages for new employees who meet the eligibility requirements within their first year of employment. For certain qualified veterans that wage base can increase to $24,000

The maximum credit you can receive amounts up to $2,400 for each qualified new hire. For qualified veterans that credit can be up to $9,600 for each new hire. That can add up to impressive savings on your tax liability.

You earn this credit by doing nothing more than you already do. No equipment to buy - no investment needed. The credit comes from the people you hire.

Who is eligible?

For your new hires to be eligible they need only be members of certain target groups including certain veterans that the Federal Government has designated prior to their first day on the job.

What do we do?

Our eligibility certification service pre-screens through the use of a toll free phone number. Once you interview all you need to do is have the candidates call and we do the rest.

We do all the paper work.

If the applicant is eligible, we make all the contacts to obtain any pertinent information. We assume responsibility for the documentation and work with the government to obtain the credit certification. We provide you with all the reports you need to manage the program.

What does it cost?

There are no up front or activation fees for our service. We charge a fee based only on the tax credit you are entitled to receive.

Tax credits may be used back one year or forward twenty years.



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